I am grateful to Jeff Horwitz of The Wall Street Journal for his in-depth account of my deeply frustrating experiences attempting to inform Facebook's leaders about the seriousness of the harms experienced by teenagers as well as practical steps they could take to remediate them. 

You can watch my testimony to the United States Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law, November 7.

I am sharing extensive recommendations for concrete steps that can be taken by social media companies to empower and protect people, especially teenagers. 

You can read the documents below.

My goal is to be accurate and clear in the service of people who are dedicated to protecting and caring for others online. 

Teens experience unwanted sexual advances, bullying, and harassment all too often on social media. It doesn't need to be this way. 

Lawmakers, regulators, companies, and parents can take important and useful steps to deal with this, immediately.

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In the following documents I explain what I have learned from working on these issues, in the hope of prompting an urgent conversation about pragmatic steps that can be taken now.  The first one gives a comprehensive overview:

We must make social media safe for teens

I've also written a number of in-depth essays, linked below, in the hope of supporting lawmakers, regulators, journalists, and people who work in Integrity and Trust and Safety for social media companies.

Good questions for the press and others to ask social media companies.

Lessons learned while building bullying tools for teens.

Teenagers and unwanted sexual advances on social media.

Why social media’s current approach to policy and enforcement doesn’t work.

Recommendations for Regulators

Harmful content must be understood from the perspective of the person who is affected.

Some examples and notes for Integrity and Trust and Safety workers.

How to contact me

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About Arturo

Dad of two great kids. For six years, until 2015, I was the senior engineering and product leader at Facebook responsible for its efforts to keep users safe and supported. This included “Site Integrity,” “Security Infrastructure,” and a group called “Care,”–  which developed Facebook’s user-facing and internal customer care tools, including tools to help teens with bullying as well as child safety tools. I was also the manager for Facebook’s “Product Infrastructure” team. From 2019 to 2021 I returned to the company as a consultant to assist with well-being issues at Instagram.  I was recruited to Facebook from Yahoo! where after many years I had become the company’s leader for information security.